June 29, 2011

Becoming SuperMommy for a Day

The wonderful people who keep me so busy
Hello, lovely readers!

As you probably remember, I'm really busy right now.  I'm engaging in an eight week long semester that is proving to be my most difficult semester in nine years.

Last time, I was taking (thanks to a very poor system of academic oversight and a lot of chutzpah) 27 credit hours, performing in two plays, preparing a solo art show, applying to transfer to different colleges, building sets/costumes for my RHPS cast, and attempting to date.  This is a feat I only recommend when one has the stamina an naivete of a seventeen year old.

This semester, I'm in class every day of the week, I'm desperately behind on housework, I'm building my girls an AWESOME birthday present (yes, there will be a big post about that), I'm growing vegetables (something is eating my eggplant!), and... there's something else... what was it?

Oh yeah.  Twins.  Walking, talking, learning, sometimes not napping, exuberant and completely unignorable twins.  Who are inexplicable and simultaneously cutting four teeth apiece.

That said, I haven't been able to post all the things I'd like.
I haven't even been able to bookmark links to the things I'd like to write about, so I can get to them later.

If I sit down to write, SI sits on a folding chair a few feet away, and just watches me with a resigned look on her face.  DD climbs onto my lap and becomes a gigantic snuggle barnacle.  So I'm simultaneously being guilt tripped and impeded.  It's quite the double whammy.

So I'm doing the thing that I always advise other moms to do.  I am asking for a little help.

Would you like to become a SuperMommy?  I am accepting guest posts!  About anything parenting.  About feeling old and nostalgic as you watch your kids grow up, about the birth of your kids, about ways parenting has changed you (or not), about what makes your family work, about what trials you've overcome...

Share your stories with me, and the rest of my lovely readers!

Please send your story as the content of an email to becomingsupermommy@gmail.com.  I'll try to run one as often as possible.

Many thanks!

Father's Day at the Museum of Science and Industry


  1. I want to see the awesome present that you're building. You'z got some mad skillz, woman.

    And I'll try to dredge up a post for you if you're interested in having me. Hang in there!

  2. @Desperate Housemommy I would love that! I'll be waiting with bated breath. :)

  3. Looking forward to hearing what the present is. I'd be happy to guest post. I'll get you my post ASAP.

    I'm now following you from MBC.

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    The Golden Pathway Story book Blog



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