June 11, 2012

Buddies and Ice Cream

Helping DD with the drinking fountain
at the Chicago Botanic Gardens
Lately, DD has been my best friend.

We'll be sitting down to a meal, and I *must* sit down next to her.  And over the course of the meal, she take her yogurt or sauce or maple syrup encrusted hand, and pat me on the back absent mindedly.  Like she's just so glad to know I'm there.

And once she's not really very hungry anymore, she reaches her arm around me, and gives me a bro-side-hug.

And once she's established that, well, we're snuggling now, she leans her head against my shoulder, holds me tightly, and keeps shoving food into her face.

And I rest my cheek awkwardly on her sweet little pigtails, and give her a kiss on the head, and tell her that I love her.

...and then SI pipes up from across the table, where she has been apparently watching the scene.

"You love me too?"

"Of course I do, pumpkin.  I love you so much!"

And satisfied, she returns to her previous activities- alternating between eating as much as she can as quickly as she can, and interrogating me about the events of the coming day.  Or the previous day.  Or the details of the lives of people in our general surroundings.

Yesterday, as we were leaving our favorite restaurant, DD insisted on holding my hand.  I held her hand happily, and told M that it seemed that DD was my new buddy.  SI piped up.

"I your buddy too!"

"Yes you are, pumpkin.  You sure are."


The night before last, in an effort to entice Baby X from my uterus with promises of all manners of earthly delights, we took the girls for their first trip to Margie's Candies.  Which, if you are ever in Chicago and you aren't deathly lactose intolerant, is a must.

For real.

...photo spam!

Our first trip to an ice cream parlor!

Chocolate for DD, Strawberry for SI

Margie's most excellent wafter cookies come with every ice cream.
Grandmommy and SI agree- cookies are awesome!

The mirrors on the walls were a point of interest

...for everybody!

Ice cream headache?

Yup. mommy's sweater has paint on it!


One final note.  It seems that my baby countdown widget freezes at one day to go.

I'm looking for one that will count up how many days past due this little munchkin is.  If you have any suggestions, please let me know!

Becoming SuperMommy


  1. sooo sweet. my Lovie's been the same with me- snuggling up to me every single chance she can (and i admit to eating it up). love it. :)

    re: Margie's- i used to live a couple blocks from it when i first married. can you believe i've never been?! such a shame, i know.

    1. Madness! Get thee hence to Margie's with thy child and whatever you order, make sure it has hot fudge!!!!!!

  2. Margie's really is the best... Although I do require several Lactaids when I visit.



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