June 12, 2012

Bowling and Babies

She's still in there.
Well, lovely readers, I'm sorry to tell you...

I'm still pregnant.

Super, gigantor, ungodly pregnant.

I had hoped that all of this running around doing fun stuff would get things going, and I'm pleased to say... it did!  Just, you know, not enough.

Last night my doctor had me run into the hospital for an NST and some contraction monitoring.  The result?  M and I came back, still pregnant, at about 2am.

We're holding steady at, nope- not in labor yet.  Bizarrely, they decided not to bother ultrasounding Baby X to find out where she is.  She's still floating, but she could be heads up or heads down, and they seem to think there's still plenty of space for her to turn.

So who knows what's going on.

What brought on this new development in the continuing story of my not having a baby?


I don't know if you've heard of kidsbowlfree.com.

You know I don't generally promote stuff on my blog, but this thing is great.  You sign up (which is free), and your kids each get passes for two free games of bowling every day all summer at a local bowling alley.  Our participating alley is Waveland Bowl, conveniently directly across the street from my favorite pizza parlor.

Now, it doesn't include shoe rentals.  Or food.  Or adult games.

...but if you have cooperative kids and you don't want to lug both a baby and a bowling ball around with you every time you stand up, it's a pretty good deal.

So with it being ninety degrees outside and humid, we took the girls bowling for the first time.  And then to their first pizza parlor.  In her usual fashion, DD ate grilled cheese.

SI cleaned up at the alley.  For real.  Poppa only managed to eke past her score at the very end.

DD had so much fun throwing the bowling ball- which took FOREVER to make its way down the lane and actually got stuck in the pins once because it was moving so slowly- that she kept faulting.  Not that she cared in the slightest.

And now?  Photo spam!

Grandmommy and Poppa explain the finer details of bowling

It's a long, slow road to the pins.  But fraught with excitement.


Poppa showing off his skillz.  This was a gutter ball.  He was very upset
that I didn't get a picture of his first shot- a strike.

Sophie's strike

Poor M didn't have a great game.  I think the cheering section who went
wild every time he had a lousy shot was throwing him off.

She's so funny- at home she constantly claims, "I can't do it."
But out of the house?  She is little miss independent, 

SI does it all by herself too.  :)

The bowling shoes SLAY me!

DD and Daddy trying to pick up the spare

That ball is practically as big as she is

You're reading that right.  Poppa won.  By one point.  DD came in last, and I
didn't play.  But we all had tons of fun at Waveland Bowl!


And a fun new development- my Baby X widget seems to have developed a mind of its own.  Now it's counting UP the days until Baby X is due.  So now, instead of being past due, I have two days to go.

Thanks, widget.  You're really encouraging.  >.<

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  1. Ugh! Lame that the widget is adding days! Hang in there, you can't be pregnant for forever right? I hope you go into labor soon! I would cry if I was over due, luckily Jensen was born last week!



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