October 31, 2012

I LOVE Halloween

Sometimes, you just need to be a zombie.
While I guzzle my tea in between costume touchups, I'll let you in on a secret.

I LOVE family costume themes.  Love 'em.

More than that, I just freakin' love costumes.

Tonight, we're a themed family.  Last year, not so much.

Last year, I didn't even HAVE a costume.  That's probably the first (and hopefully ONLY) time in my life that it's the case.

Anyway, I'll wait until I have pictures for the big reveal, but here is a picture of the last time we did a family themed costume:

Get it?  We're all Adam West Batman villains!!!!!

...shut up, it's cute.

This year is cuter.

I love to make costumes.  I used to do it for a living.  If you don't mind, I'm just going to spam you with a few of my favorite costumes I've made.

A dancing pack of "Suicide Brand" cigarettes
Thor.  I didn't make the hammer or helm, but you get the idea.

Cat woman.  That's right- I made myself a full body vinyl cat suit.  And yes, this is on a rooftop. 
Close up
And one year I actually dumped red paint all over my body (and historically accurate undergarments) to go as Countess Elizabeth Bathory- google it if you don't get the reference.  M was part of a different group costume- the entire cast of Clue.  He's Col. Mustard.
This is a bear suit I made for an independent film
And this is the costume for a witch in a post-apocalyptic werewolf-and-vampires type film

Back before I was a wife and mother (which is to say, back when I had time and energy for that sort of thing) I was in the Rocky Horror Picture Show cast- Dynamic Tension- back in Michigan.  I played Magenta (and occasionally Dr. Scott, Janet, and Frankenfurter) for NINE YEARS.

That's right.  I'm one of THOSE Halloween crazies.

Happy Halloween!


  1. Is that you in the cigarette pack costume? Because if so... yowza. DEM LEGS. Never thought a pack of cigarettes could have sex appeal! :)

    1. Ha ha! Thanks! Amazing what you can do with some empty wrapping paper tubes, a big cardboard box, and a pair of kinky thigh highs!



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