January 4, 2013

Top Posts of 2012

I hope Norman Rockwell would approve.
I did a lot of writing in 2012.  178 posts, to be exact.  And I had a lot of wonderful feedback from you, my lovely readers.

But there were a couple of posts that got WAY more traffic than anything else.  Incredible amounts of traffic.  And there were a few that still reduce me to tears- either of emotion or laughter.  And so here are my top five posts in both categories.

Most Read Posts of 2012
#6 Yo Gabba Gabba Dresses
I couldn't help myself.  Those dresses ARE adorable.  And I'm not surprised that this post had made the rounds- it's a popular show, and I have no doubt there are lots of parents out there who would love to make their own kids some thematic clothing.

#5 The Lie of Motherhood
I am not exactly sure why, but this post resonated with a lot of women.  Not only with mothers, but with women who don't have children.  And I'm glad for that- because this is a post about being a person who is a woman, not about being a mother.  And I'm glad I wrote it.  While I wasn't surprised that four of my five most read posts were my end-of-the-month controversies, I was surprised that this was one of them.

#4 End of the Month Controversy: Vaccination
I'm not surprised at all that this one got a lot of attention.  It's such a heated discussion between parents, and so frequently isn't a conversation at all- just shouted accusations between moms at a play group that each one is endangering their collective children.  I wish that we could all just have conversations like this in a calm and respectful manner, but that pretty much never happens.  Still, I've been very glad that the tone of my commenters is nearly always respectful.

#3 Thank Heavens for Little Girls
Now, this post didn't get a lot of traction until Jessica Simpson dressed up her baby in some silly getup. And in general, I don't give a crap what celebrities put their children in.  But I do care what we as a society say to our girls especially about their bodies, their sexuality, and their value.

#2 Blind Misogyny and Violence
Now, this one makes me angry.  This was a terrible post, and it got the second most hit of any post I wrote this year.  But... that's because of the googling.  People kept finding it by searching for the most horrific things.  Pictures of rape, first and foremost.  And it hurt my heart every time I looked at my search terms and saw that another two dozen people were looking for pictures of women who had been beaten, or who were vulnerable.  It was awful.  And I hope that they read it and felt that they were that guy, that guy I was talking to.  The one who doesn't believe that he could be a rapist, because he doesn't understand what real consent is.  And so I'm angry, but I'm maintaining hope. I hope that at least one person read that post and realized what a horrible mistake they had made.  I truly do.

#1 Post Breakfast Dance Party
I can't tell you how thrilled that this is my most read post of the year.  Not only is it not controversial, but it shows me something wonderful.  That people are entertained by and supportive of my attempt to lose weight through dance.  It means a lot to me- this post squeaked into the lead with a whopping 1,638 hits in 2012.  Thanks guys, I'll get back to dancing ASAP.

My Favorite Posts of 2012
#6 Falling In Love Again (I Can't Help It)
Let's face it, M is amazing and wonderful and awesome.  Of course, it's my job to think so, but he makes it very easy.  I love that man.

#5 1000 Words Down the Drain
I still have flashbacks to that day.  Lucky for me, we have some fabulous photographer friends, so I do have an emergency backup plan.  That said, terrible family pictures are kind of awesome, so I'm very glad that we have some of these.  Some of them.

#4 A Tragic Comedy
I'm still not really laughing.  Let's put it this way, my children are still forbidden from using chapstick.  Anything that might be related to makeup is off limits.  And yeah, that rule is holding firm until we have a new couch.  Should be another decade.  Decorations aside, it is a really nice couch.

#3 Next Year in Jerusalem, or Everything I Need to Know About Passover I Learned From The Ten Commandments
This year, sadly, we aren't having a big family seder.  My parents will be in Spain with Great Grandmommy and Great Granddaddy, so it's going to be just la familia SuperMommy and Aunt Genocide.  Hopefully we'll be able to get Aunt Something Funny and maybe even Aunt Green to come too, but we're not holding our breath.  Still, I have no doubt that some things aren't changing, and the annual viewing of the Cecil B. DeMille classic is one of them.

#2 Remember, Remember, the Fifth of July
I really have nothing to add to this post.  But I do weep pretty much uncontrollably whenever I read it.  It's the first time I've admitted a lot of my own reactions on that day, and it was cathartic to write, as painful as it is to relive those memories.

#1 Neminems for Everybody
And this is why parents take it upon themselves to humiliate their children as teenagers.  Oh, I will be awful.  I will torment them.  I'll show a video of DD crapping her pants to her wedding guests.  Because for several years of my life, this was my life.  And FYI- RH fell into a pooping schedule of once a week for about two months.  They may have been the best two months of my life.

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