June 15, 2013

Sunday Blogaround - 6.16.13

Hello! And welcome to another edition of the blogaround!

It has been a SPECTACULAR week in the blogosphere. Really. And I'm happy to present you with a long list of the best of the best.

You may, however, have noticed that it is Saturday. Allow me to explain.

Tomorrow, Sunday, is Father's Day. And if I know you as well as I think I do, you've got plans that preclude reading these amazing posts tomorrow.

So I'm breaking with tradition, and handing over the posts a day early.

You're welcome. And happy Father's Day!


A(n) (un)Common Family"To see the world from the eyes of a very special child" - A(n) (Un)common Family I know, I share just about everything this blogger posts. She's that good. This is such a sweet tribute to her son, who I didn't know until this post suffered from any sort of perceived disability. I also had strabismus as a kid, and I sort of relate to this boy. Great story.

"Attention Assholes" - Awesomephilia
First of all, I just want to say that it's a real shame the original poster had to take this down, but it's pretty obvious why. She publicly shared personal information about another person, and it's very likely that received some kind of threat as a result. Still, I'm glad SOMEBODY picked it up and kept it online. Because a)this is what we SHOULD do when this happens to us, and b)this is what people SHOULD expect when they do it to other people.

"Grow Up As Good Revolutionaries" - Letters of Note
I've been thinking a lot about the letters that parents write to their kids. You may have read Brian Klems' letter to his daughters on HuffPo, which is EXCELLENT, and he encourages all parents to write such a letter. So this note on the Blogaround is a two-pher. Because while Brian's letter to his daughters is sweet and funny, the letter from Che Guevara to his oldest daughter on her birthday is... well... something entirely different.

Down Wit Dat"Don't Be A Dick" - Down wit DAT
Great post about civil discourse, about the way we treat people, and about stopping our preconceived notions in their tracks.

"Guess Who is Going To Be Dinner" - Happy Hippie Homemaker
As you probably remember from recent posts, I'm a vegetarian. That said, if there is one way on this earth that I support eating meat, THIS is IT. Caring for your own food, raising it, treating it with the same respect you would treat your own body... because your food fuels your body. And if you can eat something you treat as nearly a pet... well then... you must be pretty hungry. Or it must be pretty delicious.

"Shifting Discourses of Motherhood" - The Society Pages
The Victorians were an odd group, by modern standards. There were these ideals regarding propriety, femininity, an what and what not "proper." We tend to think of them in terms of repression, or class inequality, or the gothic literature of the time. But those Victorians had very different ideas for what was "normal" when it came to women's bodies, and a big part of that was breasts, and their use. In other words, CHECK OUT THESE SUPER COOL PICTURES.

Suburban Rebel Mom"Hey gamer guys, we need to /chat" - Suburban Rebel Mom
Now, I'm not a gamer. I mean, I did some LARPing in my wild and reckless youth, but that's about it. I kind of broke a table top Superheroes game one time. I just never got into "gaming" as people tend to mean it. (But I love me some Atari Food Fight.) This isn't about video games, this is about how men treat women.

"Slut Shaming and Concern Trolling in Geek Culture" - io9
This is very related to SRM's post. I have never been surprised by the rampant sexism in geek culture. From the dearth of female superheroes to the outrageously small numbers of women in the ranks of my father's various careers, I've known since I was a little girl that geekiness was yet another boy's club. And it's yet another area where I am sick to death of it.

"A Traumatic Birth with a Positive Result" - Wellness Mama
This one is a real nail biter to the end. On top of that, I personally connected to it on SO many levels. On the concerns of a problematic birth with two children at home, and then of course- the placental abruption. That's why I had my emergency c-section with DD and SI. GREAT read.

"The Faces of My Father" - Honest Mom
This is a wonderful and sad story. I know what it's like to love somebody who suffers from addiction, from mental illness. I hope JD's story can help other people coming to terms with the confusion in their lives and memories. I wish she had more time with the man her father became.

"2 Minute Clusterfuck" - Super Mom Blog
Last of all, this. The reason parents of small children are exhausted, or confused, or something. I think every parent has had this two minute interval, in some form or other. Wow.

"Pulled from the Truth Box- Week 24" - Single Dad Laughing
Now, as you're probably aware, I am a HUGE fan of PostSecret. Whether he knows it or not, Dan has been recreating a big part of PostSecret. But unlike the original, these secrets are almost all from people... well... more like me. Parents, married people, people at a later stage of life than the majority of the PostSecret participants. And it's amazing and humbling what people keep hidden in the darkest regions of their souls.

"Classical sculptures dressed as hipsters look contemporary and totally badass" - Things I Learned Today
'Nuff said.

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  1. Thank you SO much for sharing my post! Your words mean a lot to me. You made my day -- and made me blush.



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